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Support a Brain Trust

Steward: Commits to giving/raising $10,000 each year from ‘Trustees” among friends and family for the years their selected child attends Talitha Koum Nurture Center. Most are with us for five years ~ from infancy until they leave for Kindergarten.  The “Brain Trust” fund covers that child’s portion of his/her teacher’s salary plus benefits. Stewards are supplied with explanatory materials, photos, and assistance as needed.

Updates: Both the Steward and the Trustees ~ as well as the child’s parents ~ will receive online, password protected updates about their child on a quarterly basis. The child’s teacher will write about how the child is progressing as recorded in the HighScope® COR (Child Observation Record). The child’s parents will also be interviewed quarterly around how they perceive the child’s growth, as well as any prayer requests the parent might make known.

Contact Talitha Koum at 254.753.1144 for details.


Will I meet the child I support?

If you wish, you may drop by Talitha Koum and we will make introduction by way of an observation window where you might view the child at play or at rest, interacting with teachers and playmates.

What do the child’s parents know about this program?

The program’s concept was carefully explained to Talitha Koum parents at the outset and their cooperation was readily gained. Written authorization has been obtained from the parents regarding all aspects of the program including the sharing of their child’s first name.

Am I expected to contribute in other ways?

Talitha Koum has no intention of ever asking Stewards or Trustees to provide gifts for the child or to fulfill a family’s needs. And certainly it will be totally up to you whether or not you provide for Talitha Koum in any way other than your Brain Trust pledge.

Will my name be associated with the Brain Trust?

Stewards allow their name to be used. Trustees’ names will be associated with the child’s Brain Trust unless the Trustee makes an explicitly anonymous gift. We are grateful for the opportunity to publish your name with the hope that it will engender the generosity of others who respect you and your choice to join us in this transformative effort.