Our Mentoring Program

Do you hold an interest in seeing these children continue to excel until they wear a cap and gown?  We need dedicated mentors who take the responsibility for one child with the intention of being present in his or her life until the mentee goes to college or into productive employment. Try it for a year!

Mentors come in all shapes and sizes including individuals, couples, families, or friends who team up.

  • Click here to read the goals of our mentoring program and learn more about how mentors engage with our children. Some mentors act as individuals, some as couples, others as families who have their own children, or as teams of two who share a particular child.
  • Mentoring begins when the child is launched from Talitha Koum to attend Kindergarten in a local school.
  • It is best if the mentor has entered the program in advance so that the mentor gets to know the child while he or she is still in our care at Talitha Koum during the Pre-K year. During that time the mentor will likely be drawn to mentoring a particular child. Yet, it has also worked well for a mentoring prospect to simply say whether a boy or girl is a better fit and what age child is preferred. Talitha Koum has children awaiting mentors who are already in elementary school.
  • Significant mentoring program support is provided through Talitha Koum’s Clinical Director, Nurture Center Director and by way of our long-held relationships with the parents of our children. In addition, mentors offer mentoring counsel and ideas to each other.