Our Parenting Program

Intensive parenting support classes are held at the Nurture Center each Tuesday evening from 6:00 -7:00. This informal, but planned, time gives families an overview of topics from child development and parent-child interaction to health issues and care of the newborn. It also provides a forum for often-young mothers and mothers-to-be to ask questions about pregnancy, childbirth, or other issues that arise with their infants and growing toddlers.

The programs also cover a wide variety of topic offer the families guidance and assistance with:

  • Education
  • Job training
  • Employment
  • Addiction recovery
  • Life skills
  • Appreciation for the beauty of a child’s unfolding life

Volunteer Opportunities
If you, your church, or civic group might provide:

  • a meal for parenting night
  • provision of “gifty” items as Parent Meeting incentives (a great project for a Sunday School class; just one Sunday have a drive for gift items like lotion, bath gel, shampoo, a set of towels, a set of sheets, picture frames, home decor items, etc.)

Please call 753-1144 for more information